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Primaire 3M 86A – bidon de 0,47 L

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Primaire spécial plastique. Permet une adhésion plus rapide et plus forte. Conditionnement en bidon de 250 ml

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3M™ Adhesion Promoter 86A is a liquid“primer” designed to be used with 3M™Polyurethane Protective Tapes and Boots andother acrylic adhesives to enhance initialadhesion in demanding situations.3M 86A promoter is designed to promotefaster initial adhesion to certain types ofsurfaces, such as polyurethane paint, epoxyprimers, or epoxy composites. It is notintended for use where the acrylic adhesivewould be in direct contact with aluminum,stainless steel, carbon, steel, or glass.


Application Use
Note: When using solvents, extinguish all ignition sources, including pilot lights. Readand follow manufacturer’s warnings and directions for use

1)Surface PreparationThe bonding surface must be smooth, clean, dry and free of foreign matter. If necessary, thesurface should be sanded to the smoothness attainable with 320 grit sandpaper. Clean thesurface with isopropyl alcohol and allow the surface to dry prior to the application of 3M™Adhesion Promoter 86A.* Application of 3M Promoter 86A on bare metal surfaces does notappreciably enhance adhesive values. The danger in using 3M Promoter 86A on metalsurfaces is that it may transfer to the tape adhesive, if the tape is lifted for repositioning. Ifthis transfer occurs, the adhesive of the protective tape will be compromised.Note: Towels or cloths used in the cleaning process should be untreated and lint free(i.e. – cheesecloth or Kimwipe®)

2)Apply 3M 86A PromoterWipe the surface with the pre-saturated 3M 86A Promoter wipe or with cheesecloth wettedwith 3M 86A Promoter, using the minimumamount that will coat desired surface. More isnot better.Allow to dry for 10 minutes. For best results, apply 3M Polyurethane ProtectiveTape with acrylic adhesive within two hours to the promoted surface.Note: In many applications only the outer most edges of the application area may requireuse of 3M 86A Promoter.Note: 3M Tape and Boot applications over 3M 86A Promoter will be more difficult toremove.Note: If desired, 3M 86A Promoter may be sprayed on the surface, using most conventionalspray equipment. If dilution is required, it may be done with isopropyl alcohol.*

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